Branding and Identity

The Philadelphia Eagles have a deep history within the already historic city. They are known for their passionate and charismatic fans. The Eagles organization have a very strong presence not only in Philadelphia, but in other cities. Projects included Eagle's Blood Drive logo, Holiday Catalogs, Lincoln Financial Field Stadium Imagery, campaigns, Holiday Billboards and more.

Eagles Tours offer an intimate look behind the scenes at the remarkable Lincoln Financial Field. Which is home to the Philadelphia Eagles. With the Eagles Tours, anyone can join the roster for the day and visit the Field, Suites, Eagles Home Interview Room and Locker Room. The purpose of the Philadelphia Eagles tour logo is to brand the event and tie it in with the sports organization who calls Lincoln Financial Field "home".



Branding and Identity

In order to have a deep connection with the Philadelphia community, the Philadelphia Eagles in parternship with American Red Cross created the Eagles Blood Drive. Players and personnel attend the Blood Drive to connect with donors and fans. Branding for this look was created to have a consistent look from years to come.